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The Heating Equipment Testing and Approvals Scheme, or HETAS, is a national organisation set up to ensure consumer safety.

It is an independent not-for-profit certification body that works with the government and the stove industry to provide expert assessments of stove professionals and suppliers.


If an installer is registered by HETAS it means they have passed HETAS’s rigorous assessment of their work. This assessment will look at the installer's paperwork and qualifications, and an inspection will be carried out on a stove they have installed.


All of this ensures their work is up to industry standards and follows strict government guidelines for safety and sustainability.


HETAS is the only Competent Person Scheme that specialises in installing wood burning and multi-fuel stoves.


Why use a HETAS Registered Installer?

* So you can be confident that your stove installer is qualified to install your stove safely and professionally

* To be certain that your stove will comply with building rules and regulations

* To make sure your stove complies with the manufacturer's guarantee

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